Dungeon Siege II (Update 12/11/2012)

Dungeon Siege II is a Best RPG Game in 2005. The story begins with cinematics summarizing the nice Cataclysm, within which the blade of Zaramoth affected the defend of Azunai to form a world-changing sorcerous catastrophe that concluded the primary Age; and one summarizing however a patrician named Valdis was light-emitting diode by visions to seek out the blade of Zaramoth and be a part of extraordinarily powerful mages known as the Dark Wizards. the ability of the blade which of the Dark Wizards have created Valdis the foremost powerful man in Aranna. Valdis's armies consist primarily of Morden, a race of brute and ill-natured creatures that do his bidding while not question.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium 4
128 MB VRAM 
3 GB Free space

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